• Video Production (Preproduction and Post)
  • Social Media Content Creation and Management
  • Legal Diposition Video
  • VHS Transfer (home video archival)

Video Production Services

We start with Preproduction for your project in which we will generate ideas, script out the dialogue, and schedule a plan for Production. During the production process we obtain the appropriate equipment for your shoot, hire needed vendors and execute. After the production process, we have Post Production. During this process we edit the video on Final Cut X or Adober Premiere. During this process we add foley, voice over, sound fx, and export in appropriate formats.

Social Media Content creation and management

It would be a great shame to develop all of this awesome content but not have the time or labor to deliver the content to your customers and potential customers. Our clients hire us to manage their social media because it gives them peace of mind, and allows them to focus on their business. We will help you create content and schedule a monthly campaign that will deploy on all popular platforms.

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legal diposition videos

We currently serve the DFW, Oklahoma, and Houston market for legal diposition videos. 


Do you have tons of home videos on VHS tapes? We can transfer those videos into digital files so that you can preserve the memories from the past.